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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Wind in the Trees

One of my favorite things about three of the seasons in our part of the world is the sound of wind blowing through leaves, and one of the benefits of a few days of forced inactivity (maybe the only good thing about getting the flu) is the opportunity to sit on the patio and not feel guilty about everything that needs doing. Mowing the lawn strip or carrying boxes up from the basement would, after all, violate the doctor's advice to get some rest.

Living across the street from the arboretum  as we now do, I get to enjoy not only the smallish trees directly in front of our place but also the venerable hundred-footers gracing our cherished public green space. Between the oaks, the various maples, the hollies, and the tulip poplars, we get quite the concert on a breezy afternoon. Best of all, this music is free, as is this song from one of my favorite (now-disbanded) bands, the Mayhaws. We'd best enjoy it now since, as the song reminds us, "The trees won't matter when you're dead" 
(apologies for having to sit through an ad).

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