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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The old and the new

Working at Chipmunk Ridge to get it ready to sell, I am noticing things that I will miss:
  • chipmunks! (of course)
  • the Black Squirrels of North Parkersburg
  • the front-yard savannah garden
  •  and our wonderful neighbors. 

 I will not miss the North Parkersburg deer herd.

Things I am  loving about the new place:
  • being able to walk nearly anywhere I want to go (LOVE the river trail!)
  • the poofy Japanese maple outside the living room window

  • trilliums in the sunken garden  
  •  spring beauties in the lawn strip 
  •  the ability to grow tulips that remain uneaten.
     Other delights will no doubt materialize.


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