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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Something I did not know until today

Chipmunk toenails on the feeder pole sound like tiny bells tinkling.

How did I not know this before? This bit of knowledge makes me smile.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Superfluous Beauty

One of the things that has most delighted me during the drawn-out process of my recovery is how flat-out gorgeous the world is. Not able to go anywhere or do much of anything for a while, I got to enjoy the details, like the truly eye-catching pink of a female cardinal's beak, which on our leucistic lady matched not only her crest but the male house finch who shared the feeder pole with her.
I can think of no evolutionary necessity for that color, but it was a cheering sight on gray days.

Given the overabundance of deer in our neighborhood, I have given up on tulips and grow primarily daffodils, flowers that I once found boring because they lack the gaudy variety of tulips. How unobservant are the young.

 Wildflowers like this creeping phlox not only have color, but the "eye" that delights humans with its perky cuteness actually shows pollinating insects where the good stuff is.
Before this year, I had not noticed that violets and grape hyacinth are sometimes the same color.
And there is just nothing like old-fashioned bleeding heart for pure, prettier-than-it-needs-to-be pink.
Happy spring, everyone.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back again

After a hiatus to recover from an unplanned surgery (one that went well and gave good news but still took all the wind out of this nearly-old lady's sails), I am finally revisiting my blog. During the time I wasn't particularly ambulatory (as I still am not, really), spring finally arrived in the Valley--followed by several days of summery temperatures that fried a good many of the daffodils, followed by two mornings with freeze warnings. The weather here rarely gets boring.

I have found much on which to meditate and will no doubt be sharing some of that meditation in these virtual pages, but tonight I just want to express my delight at the liveliness around here.  The pulmonaria acquired from last summer's garden tour plant sale has decided to bloom.

Goldfinches are courting,
and Stumpy is still a regular visitor.