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Monday, May 11, 2015

A few more things

More to love in the new neighborhood (particularly though not exclusively in the arboretum across the street)
  • half a dozen blooming fringetrees
  • a yellowwood ready to bloom
  • a 70-foot tulip tree 
  • an enormous bottlebrush buckeye 
  • the scent of lilacs
  • mature blackhaw viburnums just finishing bloom
  • two lindens within two blocks of the house--I no longer need to be in Bulgaria to enjoy that intoxicating scent
  • the fact that so many of the houses in town seem to be inhabited by gardeners--flowers everywhere.
And something I don't love: the plethora of boxwood (I originally typed "boxweed"). Why anyone would plant a shrub that
a) requires frequent pruning and
b) smells like cat urine
is beyond me. And there is a hedge of them just outside the office window.


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