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Sunday, May 31, 2015

FInding their way

Slowly but surely, the critters are finding their way to the new place. The little pond (soon to be drained and cleaned) hosted spring peepers in noisy abundance (and probably mosquito larvae, hence the need for the cleanout). The neighborhood concert includes lots of starling music (and I have to confess that starlings amuse me), but we also have robins nesting next door, lots of cardinals, chickadees, and titmice, and a plethora of Little Brown Birds. Unidentified bird calls have led me to believe that we have had warblers nearby.

The bees are here. The torenia, of all weird, non-native porch plants, is quite popular with bumblebees, and smaller bees have started making appearances.

What we have not yet seen are the butterflies and hummingbirds. My hope is that the about-to-bloom monarda in the front yard and the ridiculously red Texas sage on the back patio work their hummer-attracting magic soon. Mittsy and I are becoming impatient.

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