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Friday, February 20, 2015

Sigh of relief

It occurred to me yesterday that I had not seen any squirrels since the really nasty weather hit. Unlike some other mammals, the eastern gray squirrel does not hibernate, so I was a little surprised that no neighborhood rodents showed up when the sunflower seed reappeared in the feeders on Monday. This was a good year for acorns, so it is possible that everybody has plenty of goodies stashed away, but nearly a week with no squirrel sightings is unheard-of around here.

A look at the snow indicated lots of activity of something besides birds, but I am no expert on smeary tracks

This afternoon, though, any fears of a squirrel shortage were relieved: a black squirrel on the oak tree, and one of the usual suspects raiding the sunflower seed. All is back to normal--except for the weather.

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