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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Random Musings

Home with a cold and trying to prevent bronchitis on a day when asthmatic, Florida-reared lungs should not be breathing the 0-degree outside air, I sometimes do things I don't do on busier days, like check my old blog posts to see how many times they've been viewed. The record is still held by a 2012 post about a mostly white skunk, which is up to 306 views. Alas, the skunk is now deceased, having surfaced in front of a neighbor's very territorial golden retriever. Way behind in second place is a post about leaves, demonstrating yet again that one never knows what will strike people's fancy.

On the topic of fancy (in the 18th-century sense of that which is fanciful), this morning my children's literature class of pre-service teachers joyfully joined in an online discussion of modern fantasy for young readers, demonstrating that the internet has not been the ruination of Civilization as We Know It. Despite the damage that people have been known to do with this particular tool, it also enables classes to go on even if the participants are not in the official classroom (but many of us, I suspect, home in our jammies). I must also say that the children of this upcoming generation (at least in our area) are likely to be in good hands: the education majors at our institution, having maintained at least a B average, completed major community service, and passed a national qualifying exam before being admitted to the program, are as bright and committed a group of humans as I ever need to meet. Just an ongoing delight.

After my last post, in which I contemplated heading out ahead of the storm to replenish the birdseed stock, a Facebook friend urged me to do so, which I had already done, anyway. The pitiful, fluffed-up chickadee poking at the frozen remnants had me feeling too guilty. My effort (even though it did result in mild frostbite, given that I had to park in the very last space in the frozen tundra of the Kroger lot) has been rewarded, with all feeders mobbed by feathered diners. 

 A bonus: entertainment for bored cats.

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