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Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh no!

All schools in our area, including the college where I teach, have called off classes today because of Winter Storm Octavia, currently heading our way. Thus far, we have had only the teensiest of snowflakes, barely visible, but more will almost certainly arrive. Bitter cold has kept me indoors since Friday night as the blood flow to my hands and feet has a tendency to shut off whenever I breathe cold air, but watching our feathered friends flitting around our empty birdfeeders is making me think of braving the cold before the snow arrives.

Yes, we are officially Out of Birdseed. I generally buy the stuff in 50-pound bags, but because we are moving in a few weeks, I did not replenish the stash, and it is GONE. We have left a lot of stems standing, so the yard is not devoid of food (given the variety of grasses, asters, and coneflowers with seeds remaining), but the birds want those nice fat black-oil sunflower seeds. So--do I dare venture out?

A reminder from last February
Must check radar.

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