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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An interlude

The world news is horrible. So, for those days when one despairs of humans, some cat pictures.

Mirabel wanting something

 Mirabel being mysterious

Mittsy and Feraldine refusing to speak to each other

Miss Kitty on her throne
 the late, lamented Mister Cat relaxing
and a flower.


Mollie said...

Hi Rebecca, I found your blog via your comment on Julie Zickefoose's blog about the Blue Springs. The photo you use caught my interest. And I really like the posts I've read so far on your blog. The one from yesterday was perfect. There is so much bad news in this world and your beautiful cats and the flower were the perfect tonic! Thanks.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Mollie. The statue is "Woman with Birds" from the herb garden at the Toledo Botanical Gardens.