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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's too cold!

Admittedly, the Mid-Ohio-Valley has been spared the worst of the polar vortex, but five degrees below zero with a wind chill of minus fifteen is TOO COLD. When colleges cancel in-service meetings that feature reviews of their assessment plans, you know the cold is serious.

Here is how cold it has been: when I got home last evening, the suet cakes in the feeders had frozen so solid that the birds were unable to peck off any suet bits. When chickadees give up on suet, that's cold. I also noticed that the sunflower seed feeders were still full and wondered why, then discovered a new-to-me phenomenon. The snow that had fallen on the little platforms and dishes found on most of our feeders had frozen so solidly that the seeds poking out of the openings had become part of giant seedsicles. I had to take a stick and break up the chunks so that birds could access the feeders.

Today brought a good bit of feeder activity, but uploading the pictures would require removing Mirabel the Menace from my lap. The images will have to wait.

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David said...


You've got a little bit of a comedienne in you. :) I liked your "You know its cold when..." list. Great points, one and all.

...and if I had both of our cats on my lap, I'd not move them either. (Not likely to happen, since they don't seem to like each other that much :( ...they've not cuddled together since they were kittens.)