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Monday, January 13, 2014

Enough for now

This has been a week of horror for our area: not only the large chemical spill into the Elk River near Charleston  but two much smaller (and much more quickly dealt-with) leaks at a plant just across the river from us. Like everyone else, I have felt rage and disgust and powerlessness, and someday, I will probably write about the political climate that has encouraged bad actors like the owners of "Freedom Industries." But this is a different sort of post, one hanging onto the fact that life goes on despite human stupidity and greed.

Yesterday, Mirabel the Menace spent a good bit of time staring intently out the plant window.

 The object of her scrutiny was a finch, singing his little heart out from the feeder pole.
Soon, one of the resident wrens put in an appearance, and few sights are more cheering than that of a wren, with its tip-tilted tail,

though bird butts are generally cute.

 Chirping and fluttering are good for the soul.

And this morning, the sun came up.

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