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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another snow day?

It is possible that my memory is failing more than I'd realized, but I do not remember snow staying on the ground for as long as it has this January. From pictures taken this month, there seem to have been at least patches of snow on the ground for almost the last two weeks, with several major (for us) snowfalls and periods of serious cold for several weeks prior to that. Today brought more of the same.

When I went out after lunch to replenish the seed supply, the snow in some places was up to my ankles, making me grateful for tall, fleece-lined boots.
 But at least there was a fair amount of activity today, including starlings going for the suet
 and cardinals tanking up on sunflower seed.
More snow is predicted for tomorrow, and a temperature of ten below for Monday night. 
Oh joy.

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