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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Having made the decision to end my full-time teaching career in December, this is looking to be a year filled with "lasts." This semester, for instance, marks my last Earth Day Expo as senior advisor for the college environmental organization, and my last freshman comp classes. There will be three sections of the research paper coming up in the fall, but this semester is almost certainly the last time ENGL 101 will be part of my life. (Looking at the stack of papers still to be graded before Monday, however, I am not certain that this is a  bad thing.)

Some more of this year's "lasts":
  • sitting through faculty in-service meetings
  • submitting textbook orders
  • advising confused first-semester students
  • serving on hiring, institutional self-study, or any other college committees
  • wondering how to cope with the latest round of state budget cuts and idiotic prescriptions coming from Charleston.
These things will not be missed. Daily contact with students will be.

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