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Monday, February 15, 2016

Another snow day

Being the weather wimp that I am, I certainly have no objection to campus being closed because of hazardous road conditions, but my poor Monday-Wednesday classes are getting the brunt of winter. Besides the usual closing for MLK day, those students have now lost an entire additional week due to weather. Winter makes one grateful for e-mail and the ability to post handouts online.

Snow days make it possible to spend a little more time observing the feeders (in between paper-grading, online-course-updating, and accreditation-report-reading, of course). I am pleased to note that, even here in the heart of downtown, we have chickadees, titmice, an assortment of sparrows, juncoes, goldfinches--and an irritated-looking pair of cardinals calling my attention to the near-emptiness of their chosen feeder.

Looks like it's time to get dressed and put on the boots and ice cleats. Duty calls.

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