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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sometimes life just is

"Sometimes life just is, ain't it?" is wisdom from the delightful man who has worked on house projects for me for the last decade, and this week has been that kind of week. This afternoon was the memorial service for the daughter of some longtime acquaintances. The church was packed, and we ran out of hymnals, programs, and seats because so many people came out to celebrate the life and grieve the passing of a beautiful woman in her thirties who had touched a lot of lives. It feels unfair when rare and thus-far-incurable illnesses strike down young mothers, and little boys play the dulcimer at the funeral of a parent who can no longer hear the music.

 And this has been a gloriously beautiful June week, not too hot, with intermittent rain, sun, and a the full "honey moon" last night. The tiny bells of clematis viorna are dangling from the chain-link fence surrounding the compost area.

Salvia guarantica survived the winter. (One of them did, anyway.)

The monarda is about to open,

and my favorite physocarpus "Coppertina" is showing off her luscious leaves.

Then tonight, there are fireflies.

Sometimes, life just is, ain't it?

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