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Thursday, June 12, 2014

An unexpected visitor

Yesterday, my not-usually-easily-excited-over-wildlife spouse called me to the window to check out the feeder activity. "Look at that," I was urged.

Catching a glimpse of a fast-moving blur of reddish fur, I assumed that yet another chipmunk had climbed the pole. But this was no chipmunk.
Hanging onto the tube feeder and eating as fast as it could was a red squirrel. Yes, North Parkersburg has been invaded by that near-mythic creature, the West Virginia Fairydiddle. This one, of course, was engaged in the most prosaic activity of raiding the bird feeder--and since red squirrels sometimes eat birds, the rodent had the feeder all to itself.

Cranky as they are, fairydiddles amuse me. Here's hoping our little visitor returns.

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