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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earth Days! Lots of them!

In the last eight days, members of the Environmental Action Group and I have managed to participate in four different Earth Day-related events in two counties, and while this old advisor is wiped out, this was a VERY good week. Who wouldn't love events that feature cute kids making robots out of junk or bird feeders out of pine cones?

Or listening spellbound as our agriculture instructor told them all about what seeds do?

Exhibitors at our campus event shared information on energy, recycling, mountaintop removal, and alternatives to household chemicals. Solar energy technology students explained how to make a portable solar generator, while the state Artist of the Year shared a sculpture made of recycled materials, a space-age creation that fascinated young and not-so-young.

 The Friends of a local wildlife refuge brought information on our river's life, along with games that entertained children of all ages, while the Division of Forestry continued its popular tree giveaway program.
Trees seemed to be a theme, as one student's senior project involved making a tree out of recyclable materials, an art object that proved challenging to assemble

 and move into position,

but the end result was a popular conversation-starter.

In fact, the entire event brought out the best in everyone there. All kinds of people made all kinds of connections, all for causes they cared about.
It was a very good day.

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