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Monday, February 3, 2014

More of the Same

In summer (at least as long as the temperature stays below 90 degrees), I never complain of too much green, or too many yellow daisies. I definitely NEVER complain about autumns that go on for months, bathing multicolored foliage in the golden light peculiar to that time of year. And anyone who would grouse about the almost painful gorgeousness of an Appalachian spring after months of cold mud would be a very strange person indeed. But--
I am ready for winter to be over.  This is the fourth day in four weeks that our campus has been closed because of weather, and our public schools have not been open much more than four days in that time. I get the message. Humans are not in control. Universe: are you listening? You can quit beating us over the head with that news now. But--
The view out the front door this morning, when considered from a purely aesthetic perspective, was not unpleasing.
The mix of snowflakes, freezing rain, and ice pellets showed up as sparkles in the camera's flash, and the sound of the ice hitting the roof had a musical quality.  
Even our decrepit birdfeeders looked rather fetching
 with five-inch caps of snow.

And the beauty of evergreens in snow is cliche for a very good reason. Snow-covered pines and hemlocks are genuinely beautiful.

 Even the scraggly, non-blooming, non-native privet that I've been meaning to remove from the oak glade since 2009 looks good. (Okay, with a little imagination, two oaks, a red maple, and a baby dogwood fronting a school bus route can be a glade)
I don't like to whine, but some color other than white, gray, or brown would be a nice addition to the landscape.

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