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Friday, December 20, 2013

Why I like squirrels

I know that serious birders are annoyed by squirrels, but, luckily, I seem not to be a serious anything. I like the way that squirrels manage to find their way to the choice tidbits they want, regardless of the difficulty. (Yes, those are upended resin chairs in the background. I've been too lazy to right them, since they'll just blow over again and we've no garage in which to store them.)

 Who could not like that face?
 They show up on gray days when there's not much else going on.
 And they have cute butts.

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David said...

I guess I'm not a serious birder either--though I love watching the birds (and attracting them to the yard). I've always been in the pro-squirrel camp. :) Nice to know I'm not alone.