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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lawn Care Rant

WHY are there no noise ordinances regarding lawn equipment? Teenagers are expected to quiet their cars in certain neighborhoods (a good idea, given some of the cars driven by some teenagers and others I have known); barking dogs are discouraged (though not all of them have gotten the memo); loud parties can bring visits from the police. But any peaceful day can be interrupted by the roar and pollution of lawn care equipment, with no recourse for the poor sufferer who has just finished the morning's chores and is sitting down to enjoy coffee among the blossoms and birdsong when along comes the local variant of Noise-R-Us to manicure the neighbor's chemical-laden turfgrass and damage the air quality at the same time.

It boggles the mind that in many locales in our fair country, tall grass and front-yard vegetable gardens are illegal, but toxic chemicals and ear-damaging equipment are encouraged because they make the (alien, invasive, generally useless-to-wildlife) grass look pretty.

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