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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Color Extravaganza

June is busting out all over, and it's too hot to be outside right now, so it's time to celebrate some of the garden's more colorful characters. First, of course, is my beloved physocarpus, in this case "Summer Wine" fronted with "Zagreb" coreopsis and assorted not-yet-blooming perennials.

In front of physocarpus "Coppertina" is "Sunset" coneflower, the first fancy one I've managed not to kill.

The front stoop sports a pot of "Honeysong Pink" salvia and a burgundy petunia whose name I can't remember.

"Honeysong Pink" close-up

A supposedly annual salvia that keeps coming back is salvia guarantica "Black and Blue," which would be a perfect plant if the spikes were just a little taller.
Of course, for sheer exuberant color, it's hard to beat the old-fashioned ditch lily
although the "Nosferatu" daylily purchased on sale last week is certainly trying.

It's official: I love summer in the Valley.

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