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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow day visitors

There's nothing like cold, snowy weather (well, except maybe for nesting season) for bringing activity to the feeders. Today, the fourth in a succession of snowy days, was no exception.
It was no surprise that squirrels visited the upturned birdbath we use as a pedestal feeder,
but the tactics squirrels use to get at supposedly squirrel-resistant feeders
are probably more entertaining.  

 For years, I coveted wrens, but today, we had several at the same time, at multiple feeders.
Then there are the ubiquitous starlings. Even confirmed starling-haters would probably have to admit that their winter plumage is striking. 
And their cranky behavior is amusing. Today there were hordes squabbling over sunflower seed (which they are not supposed to like) and apple slices. One bird managed to drive off its neighbors and had at least a minute of solitude to dig in the snow, behavior that I at least had never observed in starlings before.
The mystery was solved when an apple slice emerged from the snow.
The starling propensity for consuming more than their fair share of suet does not please me, but I do have to admit that starling butts are cute.  

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