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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The cold no longer agrees with me, so I am one of the last to object when January temperatures climb to fifty or more. Thoroughly sick of the damp cold that had been our weather since our return from Florida, I was delighted to wander in sun and semi-warmth for a while this afternoon. There was even a sunset.

The weather seems to have made our local birds happy as well. They were everywhere, twittering away, and flocks of robins were wandering around neighborhood lawns. I didn't stop to determine what they were doing, but I wouldn't be surprised if worms were near the surface and available for the grabbing.

I can't help but wonder, though, if robins should be this common this far north in January. We used to consider them signs of spring, but now, they stick around all winter. A good thing for us, since the sight of robins is always cheering, but perhaps a sign of a warming world. What is good for the Mid-Ohio Valley (and so far, we have been spared drought, blizzard, wildfires, and most hurricanes) may not be so good for other places.

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