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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be careful what you wish for...

Okay, I wrote in an earlier blog post that maybe warm winters aren't always a good thing. I'm one of the people who gets worried when Grist posts an article explaining that the world hasn't experienced a colder-than-average month since April 1985. As much as I like being able to work in the garden in January, I get it: sixty-degree afternoons are not generally considered normal winter weather in USDA hardiness zone 6. But still--to go from a light windbreaker on Saturday afternoon to wind chills below zero on Monday evening? Could we not have a little transition time? And now I hear that we may get ICE PELLETS (officially in the running for my Least Favorite Weather Phenomenon) in a day or two.

At least the cold snap happened as our twenty-six-year-old refrigerator is wheezing its last. The new one won't be delivered until Friday, but the porch seems likely to stay cold enough to preserve any perishables.

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