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Monday, August 13, 2012

The colors of August

I'm not a particularly good photographer, but August is a good month for color around here.

zinnia and physocarpus

coreopsis "Red Shift," a white echinacea, and a deer-chomped liatris

agastache "Tutti Frutti"

helenium and liatris

wild ageratum (eupatorium coelestinum)

gaillardia and aster "Purple Dome" (We go for gaudy sometimes.)

agastache "Tutti Frutti" and physocarpus "Coppertina"

senescent echinacea of a forgotten variety

echinacea "Sundown"
And this
is a baby one of these (yes, these blossoms are on the same zinnia plant at the same time).
I officially forgive June and July for all the heat.

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