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Monday, August 6, 2012

It's showtime!

While there is no doubt some disagreement on this matter, it is quite possible that August is the best month for wildflowers in southern Ohio and western West Virginia. Yes, the spring ephemerals are long gone and the wild roses are going, but the field flowers have come totally into their own, with some fall bloomers sneaking in early.

For anyone in our area with time for a country ramble, I highly recommend Route 50 between Albany and McArthur. The Joe-Pye weed is head-high and in full purple poofiness right now in every spot with enough sun, an assortment of tall and short yellow composites is throwing sunshine everywhere, the occasional deep-purple ironweed is showing up, and a few goldenrods think it's September already. Any roadside will probably bear a distinct resemblance to my favorite wildflower drive, so don't miss the show, which won't be available again for a year.

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