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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday's sightings

 Yesterday afternoon brought time for a brief ramble along the meadow loop trail at Wildwood Metropark in Toledo. While I wasn't expecting much, given that Ohio's meadow and prairie flowers peak much later in the summer, a number of interesting things were happening. (And of course, I had left the camera at home!)
  • The pasture rose was in full bloom
  • Pale-purple monarda fistulosa was drawing bumblebees, including one large, handsome specimen that totally ignored my presence for several minutes, allowing me a good long look at bumblebee feeding behavior
  • A short early goldenrod was already blooming, attracting lots of tiny bees and hoverflies
  • White yarrow was everywhere
  • I saw my first whorled milkweed. The scent was amazing, something like a cross between lily of the valley and Japanese honeysuckle.
  • Among the butterflies flittering everywhere were an American painted lady and a black swallowtail.
All in all, a good afternoon meander.

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