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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A good day at the feeders

This morning found me at the Wildwood Metropark Window on Wildlife, hoping to see at least one bird that doesn't generally visit our feeders in Parkersburg. Even our usual birds visit the Window in greater numbers than we generally get--three downy woodpeckers were hanging onto their part of the suet feeders at the same time. (There are benefits to mature habitat and a critical mass of feeding stations.) Seeing nothing special (oh, how easily we get spoiled), I prepared to spend a few minutes enjoying the family of ten young mallards paddling in the small pond and the fox squirrels squabbling over the ground feeders. Then--there it was: a blue like no other. Perched on a tray feeder in the company of cardinals and titmice was a male indigo bunting who fed for several minutes, allowing me to enjoy this supposedly common bird that I had never seen before. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes it as "a scrap of sky with wings," and while I hate to argue with people who certainly know more than I do about birds, the indigo bunting is not the color of the skies I usually see. Its color is much darker and richer. Of course, I had no camera, but the Toledo Metroparks have thoughtfully posted a blogger's photo of this gorgeous creature. You can find it here: http://www.metroparkstoledo.com/metro/item.asp?item_id=4356

And as if an indigo bunting weren't enough excitement for one morning, as soon as it flew away, there were two Baltimore orioles feasting on oranges a few feet away.

Life is good.

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