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Monday, May 2, 2011

What April showers hath wrought

  • Rapidly-growing turfgrass (and not enough time to mow it)
  • The first spring beauties we've ever had (yay)
  • Several outcroppings of dog-vomit fungus (yuck)


David said...

Congrats on the spring beauties! :)

I bought some last year at a native plant sale. They are up and just starting to bloom now. Hopefully they'll spread as well as yours have--although at a much slower rate since we don't have an established population nearby as you do.

Great to hear about your tree seedlings. I plan to use any (native) seedlings that come up to help grow our woodland. After I have more than I can use, I imagine I'll pot up the extra.

Rebecca said...

David, if you're ever in the Parkersburg area, let me know. We have (literally) hundreds of white oak seedlings, most of which are likely to be mowed because we have no place to put them and can't find anyone who wants them (though I just posted on Facebook). We also have some maple seedlings--either red or sugar, because we have both in the yard.