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Monday, May 9, 2016

Still a mess

Final exams and Earth Day are behind us, so at last it is back to the blog. This was for some reason the busiest semester of my career (surely not a sign that I am slowing down).

Some things have not changed, and one of them is troubling. The pitiful-looking house finch subject of an earlier blog post looked just as pitiful on April 27 as he did in March, nearly six weeks on.

In these blurry shots, you can see how naked his neck is.

This little guy does not seem to be getting new feathers. This kind of feather loss is often associated with mites, but no other neighborhood birds seem to be affected. The mystery deepens.


Cristy H said...

Poor guy! I'm glad he's at least eating okay.

Rebecca said...

He eats and flies normally, though he is more skittish than most of our other birds.