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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lazy and loving it

With work-related documents to finish and an online class to interact with and a talk for Women's History month to write and--oh, yes, a house to clean--there is no time to be lazy. But all immediately pressing tasks were completed by 3:30, so I walked out of the office to a sunny March afternoon with temperatures in the seventies. Given March's sometime caprice of dumping a foot or two of snow on the unwary, today seemed worth celebrating, so I convinced my spouse that a walk along the river trail was in order.

And it was. A delightful assortment of dogs and their humans were out for the afternoon, including a tiny long-haired chihuahua that hardly looked real. A patch of winter aconite and several of crocus were blooming enthusiastically, and one bed of daffodils looked ready to open tomorrow or the next day. (We will have to go back and look.) Whenever a breeze popped up, the river was covered in sun-sparkles, which of course required sitting on a park bench for a spell of admiration.

Back home, there was enough daylight left to begin drafting the talk from my favorite porch chair. The park across the street was hosting lots of activity--runners, gaggles of young people, and a large black poodle-y something bounding along with its accompanying human and a small canine companion of some sort. Closer to my chair, finches and chickadees were tanking up at the nearest birdfeeder, with the first downy woodpecker I've seen in months searching for insects in the crevices of maple bark. Some small, unidentifiable (to me, from that distance) bird was making a racket in the cedar tree--perhaps the first warbler of 2016? Entirely too full of well-being to leave the chair yet, I ended up having a 40-minute phone conversation with a relative in her nineties, comparing the sights from our respective perches. The conversation ended when the church bells audible from her phone reminded me that it was 6:00 PM, and supper was not going to get itself.

A lazy afternoon--but is there anything more worth doing than loving one's beautiful world?

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