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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Road(s) Not Taken

Back at my favorite Toledo parks today, but they were not their usual selves. This afternoon's temperature was in the forties, and some hardy joggers were in tank tops and shorts, but I was not one of them. (Full disclosure: I don't jog.) The snow in some places at the edges of parking lots was higher than my Honda. (Yes, those are cars off to the right.)

This was the path to my favorite prairie overlook.

A close-up
 Bench-sitting was not meant to be today, either.

This was the path to "Susan's meadow," today only visible from a distance.

This is NOT my favorite weather for park exploration--but at least one robin didn't mind the snow.
 And the fox squirrels were having a fine time at the sunflower seed feeder. The sight of their tails cheered me right up.

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