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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Spending the weekend in Toledo, one of my favorite places, but a high of 32, overcast with snow flurries, is just not weather I want to be out in right now. (This is probably a Good Thing as my online students are submitting their research papers at this moment, so there is much Work to Do.) My aging bones are missing the Florida of my youth (which, like said youth, is gone), and gray winter days spark fantasies of running away and being a beach bum.

However, being a beach bum costs more than it once did and the budget won't allow it, so for now, I'll just indulge in a few pictures from last year's Brevard County Christmas.

Hibiscus in my in-laws' front yard:

a gulf fritillary in a park

sunrise at the SeaScape Motel in Indialantic:


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