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Monday, July 15, 2013

Slowing down

Wandering my favorite Wildwood Metropark today (it's hard to believe that I hadn't visited since early December), I was struck by the number of people running in the 85-degree heat (at 9 AM!) and what felt like 85% humidity. One energetic young thing in Spandex was running while pushing a baby carriage. This is not an energy level that I have ever had.

Besides, moving slowly has its advantages (though I suspect that running would have allowed me to outrun some of the mosquito hordes that had invaded the meadow and prairie trails, with my excellent homemade insect repellent left behind in Parkersburg). Runners don't seem to be caught up short by the details along the way. One of my favorite details today was a plant that I am calling the "Mystery Pink Flower" as it is not yet showing up in my online searches.
Each blossom is smaller than my pinky fingernail.

It would have been difficult not to notice the clumps of monarda fistulosa blooming everywhere, but stopping for a moment reveals not only the plant's incredibly detailed blooms 

 but the life it supports.

Insects weren't the only wildlife out this morning. This lovely doe seemed to be enjoying her meal of meadow plants
until I got too close to her chosen part of the meadow.

Taking a trail into the woods, I got to see this gorgeous butterfly (a black form red-spotted purple, maybe?) puddling in a sunbeam.

 And I had never seen a squirrel sacked out on a tree limb until I stopped for a water break at the prairie trail overlook.
Being old and slow does have its advantages.

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