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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More amusement

A sunny day last week found Feraldine, our fraidy cat, staring intently out the front door. Given that she remains timid even after five years of living with us, I was curious about what could be so fascinating as to make her completely ignore the presence of humans.

 The object of Feraldine's undivided attention proved to be the smallest chipmunk I had ever seen among the hordes that inhabit our yard. 

While there is no way to tell from the photograph, I estimated that this little creature was about half the size of an average member of its species. My guess is that it was one of this year's first brood of chipmunk babies, which may have been born as early as March. Certainly, it didn't seem to know enough to run from a cat or a human on the other side of a glass door. More recently, I have seen what may be this same rodent engaged in a through-the-glass faceoff with various of our cats. (I hope it runs from Shadow, a neighbor cat who finds chipmunk-hunting to be great sport.)

    And as if adolescent chipmunks aren't enough cuteness for one day, Stumpy the squirrel chose to visit. We seem to have plenty of company this spring.

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