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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back again

After a hiatus to recover from an unplanned surgery (one that went well and gave good news but still took all the wind out of this nearly-old lady's sails), I am finally revisiting my blog. During the time I wasn't particularly ambulatory (as I still am not, really), spring finally arrived in the Valley--followed by several days of summery temperatures that fried a good many of the daffodils, followed by two mornings with freeze warnings. The weather here rarely gets boring.

I have found much on which to meditate and will no doubt be sharing some of that meditation in these virtual pages, but tonight I just want to express my delight at the liveliness around here.  The pulmonaria acquired from last summer's garden tour plant sale has decided to bloom.

Goldfinches are courting,
and Stumpy is still a regular visitor.

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