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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Return visitors

I am pleased to report that Stumpy the nearly tailless squirrel is still around.(In case you missed it, Stumpy was the subject of an earlier blog post.)  Having been away for four months, I had occasionally wondered how our somewhat-incapacitated rodent friend was doing, but today he was scampering away from the tray of shell corn, as frisky as ever.

Tha afternoon brought one of our several pairs of cardinals close to the house. The female was browsing the berries of the lonicera sempervirens near the dining room window, bringing entertainment to Mittsy the six-toed cat. The male was at the safflower feeder, further away from observing felines.

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David said...

I'm glad Stumpy has returned. I know it bothered you not seeing him for a while.