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Friday, May 11, 2012

Current blossoms

May is generally a good month in the garden, but this is an odd May. The last daffodils finished just last week, the first having opened in mid-March. The few tulips we have were done in a single April week, and the irises, usually Memorial Day flowers, are closing in on the end of their season. And the early daylilies have flower stalks and buds--WAY too early! But the May flowers have indeed arrived, so herewith, a sampling of yesterday morning's offerings:
Physocarpus "Summer Wine" (detail below)

creeping thyme 

Kenilworth ivy

and clematis "Betty Corning." Some irises are still with us, 
along with a last Oriental poppy. 
And the roses are coming on. While the bush barely survived its transplanting last summer, "Dortmund," though dwarfed, is blooming, as is (drum roll, please)     
Madame Isaac Periere! (Ignore the black spot: it has been a VERY wet spring.)

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