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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yesterday brought a creature to the yard that I did not expect--a dragonfly. Attempting to strip turf from yet another planting-bed-to-be with a mattock, our ancient spade having decided that it had been bent one too many times, I happened to look up from my huffing and puffing to catch a flash of iridescence. No idea what kind it was, except that it wasn't one of the really cool blue ones--just a brownish-greenish-blackish dragonfly darting about where dragonflies generally don't go. I expect them near water, and we haven't even put out the birdbath yet, but this one was already on the prowl, looking for dragonfly prey.

Given the ardent carnivory of dragonflies (they can eat their own weight in less than an hour), I'm glad I'm too big to interest them.

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