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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dog Days

With temperatures in the nineties for what seems to forseeable future (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a teeny bit), I am reframing my frame of mind by focusing on good things that require heat in order to flourish. For one thing, some of my favorite summer flowers don't seem to take off until the weather gets too steamy for my comfort. (I was shocked to read a few years ago that many English gardeners lusted after rudbeckia, which don't do well for them because the summers aren't hot enough.)

Admittedly, they've been blooming for a while now, but this does seem to be the year for rudbeckia of all types.

Rudbeckia joined by butterfly weed is a happy summer combination.
The enthusiastic ratibida keep coming.

Cup plant is now coming into its own,    

with last year's bottlebrush buckeye finally blooming

and, as usual, the Joe Pye weed taking its own sweet time for the buds to open. Maybe it's not hot enough yet.
Something to look forward to in August.

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