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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A good day at the feeders

When I woke to snow this morning, one of my first thoughts was "The juncos left too soon." I'd not seen any of the slate-gray charmers for several days and had assumed that our warm spell had driven them back to the frozen north. Then, barely in my peripheral vision, a junco hopped under a rhododendron. They're still around--somewhere.

The usual suspects were present in their usual numbers: mourning doves, sparrows, house finches, starlings (of course), grackles, cardinals, and chickadees, along with a blue jay in the hemlock. But something had Mittsy the Mutant Cat crouched in the plant window, emitting the pitiful noises that seem to mean "Please let me go out and kill something." Looking over her shoulder, I saw that a chipmunk had discovered an entire ear of squirrel corn fallen onto the ground and was taking serious advantage of this (literal) windfall: it was chewing faster than I had ever seen anything chew, its little cheeks becoming fuller than I'd known was possible. Something--me, Mittsy, a hawk, who knows--startled the little rodent, so it gave the Chipmunk Alarm Tail Shake and disappeared. But it was a good day at the feeders.

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Frank Frey said...

Bird watching is it! Hello, I finally caught up with my blog and saw your comments. My lord it is so good to hear from you. I hope that all is well.
I've been doing well. I'm planning on moving to Clearwater in May. Found a very nice condominium at a reasonable rate.
I've finished my radiation treatments for my prostate cancer. The prognosis is most excellent and hopefully I will be clear of this for good.
I've also become an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. I am part of a small group who refer to ourselves as "The Followers of the Way." Our bible is the Jefferson Bible as we believe that it is the moral and ethical teachings of Jesus are the most important. We do not indulge in biblical literacy or any of the other trappings.
Well, enough of my ramblings. I am still around. I would like to hear from and find out how you are doing. I have a Facebook page and my email addy is still frankfreyiii@yahoo.com.
Take care and may your journey be filled with happiness and your path illuminated by the light of the Creator.